Research DirectorJennifer Fox

Jen leads the insight research arm of the Pure Culture Consulting team. She facilitates the secure collection and analysis of all customer and employee survey data through our website.

Jen is a Senior Associate in the Business Consulting practice for Ironworks with over nine years of experience in Business Analysis, Higher Education and Consulting. She has specialized in business consulting, web survey research and design, statistical analysis, and data warehouse design and creation. In her current role she serves as an overall project manager on several enterprise-wide projects for clients in the healthcare industry. Previously, she served as Assistant Director of Institutional Research at the University of Richmond. In that capacity she developed a strong expertise in survey design, methodology and analysis.

Jen attended the University of Richmond on a full-scholarship graduating in 3-years with a computer science degree. She completed her MBA at the University of Richmond in December 2008. Jen was salutatorian in her high school graduating class at Manchester High School. She is an avid marathon runner